Please pay a visit, thank you.

This is the Newsforum Trivia Room.

We play trivia Saturday & Sunday 6 P.M., Eastern time.
We also discuss food, beer, and whatnot.

Below is a new chatroom software I am trying.
It is not as 'loaded' as the old software which is still here, just below this one. I think it is more stable. I have left both in place. Please sign in as 'guest'.
There is a 'pop out' button in the lower right hand corner of the chat box. Also note that the fish feed is down for the time being. I may set up the cam again in the future.

Chat Software from Chatroll

Java needs permission to run. Watch for the pop up warning and click 'run'.
It also takes a little time as well, please be patient.
Type in the name you want to use and 'enter'.

This chat room brought to you by addon chat.